The Magic of Self-Serving Statistics

Yesterday I ridiculed Boks' claim that LA was at 95% No-Kill (Phase I).

Today, I took a look at Boks' legacy shelter, Maricopa County Animal Care and Control. They have mastered the art of "definitions" to the extent they have a 52% higher kill rate than LA (60% versus (38% claimed), and yet claim that NOT EVEN ONE HEALTHY ANIMAL was killed.

Can you imagine, a 100% save rate for healthy animals. Not one animal was killed for lack of space.


Anonymous said...

"We did not kill any animals. They just stopped living. We are nokill!"

Boks is a mad man. How can anyone say they have completed phase one of nokill when killing is up 37%? That's just crazy talk.

I'm still astonished that a "nokill" director can come to LA and increase killing. It's like a diet guru being paid lots of money to put someone on a diet and the person gains weight yet the guru swears that they lost weight.

I bet this is how every city department works. No matter what happens, if crime goes up, the economy goes down, the city is destroyed by an earthquake, they just claim "success!"

I used to think being a nokill director must be a lot of hard work. I wouldn't have wished the job on my worst enemy. Now I think I can easily be a nokill director. You don't have to lift a finger, just claim "success!" and send out bullshit press releases. That's what "nokill" is all about, a bunch of lies and animal cruelty.

Kelley said...

If a cat sneezes, it is "sick" (unhealthy.). Ringworm = unhealthy. Eye infection...unhealthy..and on and on.
Under 4 weeks old - automatic kill, at least here in Austin, TX (designation ty for "too young.")

A dog who growls at you when you put a bowl of food in front of his face, then take it away - vicious.

Anonymous said...

Gee Mr Boks, if you are so close to being no kill, I guess you don't really need more staff or more money.