I have never heard a speech more moving and visioned as Obama's tonight.

I heard a lot of JFK's speeches, and Bobby's, but Obama's was the equal of any.

If only we had someone of this vision combined with energy and charisma, the nation would be No-Kill in ten years.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see you come around like this. I was worried you were going to continue to whine about Hillary some more. She did a great job, and gave a GREAT speech. So did Bill. But now it's time for everyone to back Barack Obama - to bring about that change we so desperately need.

Anonymous said...

speeches mean nothing, action means everything. boks gives good lip service and look at what he's actually done. villaraigosa gave good lip and he didn't even keep all his campaign promises.

Ed Muzika said...

You are wrong here.

Without inspiration there is no motivation. Without motivation there is no "together action." Without together action there is continued failure.

Giving "lip service" is certainly not nspirational in your mind or the animal community.

LAAS doesn't have to have an inspirational GM either, but there should be a uniting voice in the humane community that will provide inspiration.

However, in our fragmented and isolationist community, any inspirational voice might be hammered down.

Anonymous said...

inspiration isn't everything. Look at nathan. He said "nokill inspires." It may inspire but you need a good GM to get it done. Boks is a politician. He gives good speeches but his actions don't mirror his speeches. He talks about his love of animals, his nursing kittens in his NY apartment when it wasn't legal. He never nursed kittens in his NY

Ed Muzika said...

Neither Boks nor Winograd could motivate anyone even to take an extra day off and get paid.

Ed is charming but not persuasive, and he is incompetent.

Winograd shows his anger and negativity all too quickly and pushes those he wants to change, away.

Neither are inspirational.

If you had seen Obama's talk you'd know what I mean.

A great orator can move a country, not that they always move it in the right way.

I used to study Hitler's speeches. He could inspire a whole country and look what happened.

I could see Obama's mind working. I could see him change his phrasing right inside a word seeing a better way to say the same thing. That requires a very sharp mind. It's a gift he has and I am sure one he has practiced.