Outline of the Magiamele County Consult

From Ryan Olshan's excellent blog re County:

I just finished reviewing the 2006-2007 audit of the Department of Animal Care and Control performed by Dr. Dena Magiamele. The violations pointed out in the audit are not only blatant, but many of them are disgusting and inhumane. The audit is now published on my LA County blog in PDF format for the entire world to read (http://lacdacc.blogspot.com/2008/08/dr-magiameles-report.html).

The violations of Federal Code regarding controlled substances mentioned below are why the Department was audited by the DEA last year. Marcia was made fully aware of those violations by this report and that’s why she obstructed justice by issuing orders to destroy emails.

In addition to the conscious unanesthetized cat mentioned below that was killed by intracardiac injection, which is a violation of California Penal Code Section 597, I’m aware of another situation where the Department seized cats from an animal hoarder that were brought to the Lancaster Animal Shelter. In the back of the animal control truck, animal control officers began killing the scared and terrified cats by intracardiac injection.

Marcia’s press release and 10 page document released on 8/12/2008 is nothing more than Marcia’s attempt to make light of this audit. In the press release Marcia is quoted as saying, “Providing the highest quality animal care and customer service is of utmost importance to the Department and the County of Los Angeles.” Marcia doesn’t care about the animals and neither does the County of Los Angeles. You have turned a blind eye repeatedly no matter how severe the offense.

The Department only possessed one controlled substance registration certificate where there should have been one for each shelter

At the Downey Animal Shelter on several occasions a graveyard employee falsified records in the controlled substance log by placing the initials of an RVT (not their initials) as the technician who administered the euthanasia solution

The Department’s records for controlled substances were inaccurate and not in compliance with state and federal law
Schedule II, III, IV, and V controlled substances weren’t stored in a securely locked or substantially constructed cabinet as mandated by Title 21 Code of Federal Regulations Section 1301.75

A conscious unanesthetized cat was killed at the Lancaster Animal Shelter by intracardiac injection. This resulted in the cat vocalizing and flipping about within its cage for several seconds, kicking food and litter all over the room and then moved to the back of the cage where it subsequently died.

A RVT blew the vein of an animal that the RVT was struggling to euthanize at the Carson Animal Shelter

The body of a Malamute that had been euthanized and dead for 1.5 hours at the Baldwin Park Animal Shelter was left on the floor of the washrack area instead of being moved to the dead animal freezer

A German Shepherd that was turned in for an owner requested euthanasia that was presented as hit by a car and had fractured rear limb was left in the wash rack area of the Downey Animal Shelter without food or water and was unable to move away from his own urination. This dog was not euthanized or taken to taken to an offsite veterinarian, as the shelter veterinarian was off-duty. He was left in these conditions until he was noticed the next day.
A Pitt Bull was impounded at the Downey Animal Shelter for an owner requested euthanasia and had a fractured rear limb. This dog did not receive a medical examination, stabilization, or humane euthanasia. Dr. Mangimele was told that this dog would be euthanized after the legal holding period.

A German Shepherd was impounded at the Downey Animal Shelter and was unable to move. This dog appeared to be irremediably suffering. He was left overnight in the washrack area. The next morning it was decided that he would be euthanized after the required holding period was up.

Euthanasias of animals were preformed in the euthanasia room while dead animals were in the euthanasia room

Shelter veterinarians cannot euthanized or direct an RVT or other employee that is euthanasia certified to euthanize an animal that the veterinarian deems irremediably suffering without the approval from a supervisor resulting in animals enduring additional suffering and agony.

Cats that aren’t scheduled for euthanasia are in clear view of cats being euthanized

Anesthesia induction is performed by unregistered veterinary technicians

The dead animal freezer at the Downey Animal Shelter contained dead animals that had been in the freezer for several weeks. The freezer was dirty, wet with blood and secretions, and dead bodies were in barrels and on the floor of the freezer.

A “caution” animal at the Downey Animal Shelter received lacerations on the lip and mouth and bled extensively due to the makeshift control pole an employee used on it

Pre-euthansia anesthetics are not readily available or are not available for animals that require pre-euthanasia anesthetics
Non-certified employees performed euthanasia


Anonymous said...

So Dena "Dr. Death" Mangiamele (learn to spell) is your new hero?
You twit. You tool. You devolved, ignorant, uninformed fool.

As you stumble around in your dream-like diminished capacity (you MUST be on drugs), ask an adult who Mangiamele is.

You idiot.

When you are finished with Mayeda and Boks, are you going to get even with all those Chinese, Koreans, Cambodians and Filipinos who eat dog, too?
You are so fucking stupid I can't fucking believe it.

Ed Muzika said...

Hey, you are pretty funny. Does your mother know that you talk to people like this?

I bet readers of this blog get a kick out of your comments.

By the way, had you been able to read my blog--and apparently you don't--you would read that this is what Olshan said, not me.

I don't care if it is Mengale or Mangiamele or Magiamele that Olshan wrote about, although I find your referrence to Dr. Death interesting.

Why don't you inform rather than try to ridicule? If you know something, tell us. The name does sound familiar.

And, even if he were Mengale, does that mean the issues of his consult are wrong?

Anonymous said...

Had there not been the DEA scandal, the lawsuit against County, Ryan's county blog, I don't think county would be getting all the money for improved shelters, more employees and resolutions to fix the consultants recommendations. Kudos to Ryan and Muzika for effectuating positive change in our animal shelters.

Anonymous said...

"A RVT blew the vein of an animal that the RVT was struggling to euthanize at the Carson Animal Shelter"

Does the blogger even know what this means? Do you?

You really need to know what you're talking about because you are making yourself look very stupid.

Ed Muzika said...

My, my, what a sharp little tongue you have. What are you, about 4?