Petsmart Selling Real Cat Fur?

I was at Petsmart yesterday.

They had what looked like a skinned cat fur piece with an artificial heartbeat and warmer to keep kittens and other cats comfortable. It cost $30, which is kind of high for a piece of cloth and a beating heart machine. It was made in China. Naturally I thought the worse. There was no making anywhere on the package as to the composition of the "fake" pelt, i.e., rayon, polyester, etc. I complained to the store manager.

He opened a package and looked for a label. On the piece itself there was no listing at all of what the "fake" skin was made of. The tag only said "Made from all new material." He said he'd email "corporate" about this.

Go to Petsmart and complain. They are called "snugglekitties.

Here is another link to another site with information on the Chinese fur trade:


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It looks like fake fur to me. Generally when China sells fur for plush toys, it's rabbit fur. If you look at the seam, you can generally tell if it's real fur or not.

It's a three day weekend, Muzika. A lot of people are out of town instead of blogging. Maybe that's why the posts are down.

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Its not that. Even when I send comments myself, they do not post. Yet, some like yours comes through.

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