Another Source for Skinned Cats

Another source for skinned and unskinned cats is Sargeant Welch. They also offer skinned cats already dissected and mounted for your viewing pleasure.

They too do not reveal their source for cat cadavers. They too do not offer skinned dogs. However, they do recognize the ethical issues and sell a 3-D program for dissecting cats that they say is better than the real thing. Too bad Pierce does not buy a $97 demonstartion program rather than 15 skined cats for $431.

The ad:

Revolutionary 3-D virtual reality programs are changing the way science is taught. Virtual reality 3-D dissection labs offer the credibility of wet lab dissections but without the hassles.

Liquid crystal glasses electronically wired to a base system present life-like images that you and your students will try to reach out and touch! When the entire class participates in virtual reality labs, the discussions afterwards are amazing.

Virtual reality dissection labs eliminate the expense, chemicals, and ethical issues surrounding animal dissection, and are endorsed by several humane societies.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent pictures.

BTW---Did you know the staff was cut at the Valley Shelters?

No air conditioning for the bunnies today. It was 100 degrees where the bunnies were and they all had to be moved.

Some lady brought in a bunch of bunnies to West Valley and then claimed that she had 70 more at home. "Stared with two," she said.

Now, why in the hell doesn't somebody go after these people for animal cruelty?

Those bunnies are going to end up as ground-up rabbit for somebody'cats, and it doesn't matter that rabbit is the best source of cat food. Somebody should stil charge these #$@holes for animal cruelty, and a $500 fine for each unaltered rabbit.

No one wants to do anything though, and the woman just dumped her poor rabbits off and walks away, like nothing.

No enough staff, an overheated shelter, and more and more animals going into the shelter with people like this.

These people should be shot.