Schwartzenneger Tries to Gut Hayden Again

He tried to do it last year and he is trying again. Where does he live in Santa Monica? Does he still drive a Hummer? What restaurants does he go to? How many bodyguards does he have?

From Rich Mc Lellen:

The Exterminator Governor is at it again!

State Funding for local animal shelters to help them offset the costs of holding abandoned pets has been stripped from the state budget.

The argument being put forth is that the increased holding periods and added costs created by Hayden have not increased dog and cat adoptions.

We know this is a lie but we need official documentation from your local shelters. your shelter director should cooperate when they learn that they will lose money should the money not be put back in the budget. California shelters will lose $17 million.

If we lose Hayden now, rescue opportunities will dry up all over California. Thousands of animals will be destroyed prematurely. There is no time to waste. We need records official records signed off by shelter directors showing that their adoptions have increased dramatically since 1995.

Emmotional arguments will not help so don’t send me those. Contact your shelters. Be polite and offer to work with them to collect the information.

Data can be sent to

I will forward all useful data to the proper individuals in the legislature.

Rich Mc Lellan MD, Director, League of Humane Voters, CA Chapter Cross post!

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