Pierce Gets Its Cat Cadavers from Carolina Biological

According to Dr. Shapiro, Pierce gets it cats form Carolina Biological Supplies. They told him they get the cats from cats already killed at shelters that otherwise would have gone into landfills.

There are problems here I told him as euthanized animals are usually rendered because of the euthanol in their blood rather than put into landfills, and, someone told me that public shelters cannot sell the bodies for resale. I don't know.

Anyway, here is the ad from Carolina Biological Supplies.

This kit contains 15 skinned cats for $431.
Cat Dissection BioKit®

Carolina's Cat Dissection BioKit® for a class of 30 students. Working in pairs, students study major organs, organ systems, and basic feline anatomy and physiology through guided dissection. Kit includes 15 Carolina's Perfect Solution plain cats, 15 plastic storage bags and waterproof student name tags, a teacher's manual with reproducible student sheets, and a highly detailed Dissection of the Cat (item# 455573) laboratory manual to use as a reference.

Carolina's Perfect Solution - an alternative to formaldehyde - is a revolutionary fixative that produces superior specimens while improving the safety of your classroom or lab. Tissues and organs are extremely lifelike and retain better color and texture than with other preparations.

Now from all of you out there who think I am prejudiced in wanting to protect cats because they are treated worse than dogs, I would note that Pierce does not dissect dogs, only cats. AND, Carolina Biologicals do not sell dog cadavers.


Anonymous said...

It really is barbaric!

WHY is this OK?

I know the arguments for it, but it is NOT OK!

Anonymous said...

Actually it usually requires an ordinance to permit the selling of animals for research. Many cities and counties have repealed their ordinances for this. You might want to check to see what your local ordinance is regarding the subject. This is not a matter that can be decided by the head of animal control alone.