Pierce Vet Tech Program

I called the Pierce College vet tech program RVT coordinator about their cat dissection program. Her name is Elizabeth White.

She says they get the cats from a company already skinned and prepared for dissection with preservative. She does not know what company they get the cadavers from or what the origins of those cats are.

That instructor is Leeland Shapiro and his email is drcows@aol.com.

Since they also have classes in surgery, I assume they operate on live cats also and I am interested where they are coming from.

I will be contacting the instructors of these courses. I can tel you, I will not be gentle with these people.

Anyone know anything about this program?

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Anonymous said...

The surgery class assists the veterinarian instructor doing spay/neuter surgeries every week on people's pets that make appointments for this.

I was always told the cadaver cats at Pierce came from Mexico, making me think there was probably no regulation on how these poor cats were killed. I don't know how the USDA oversees things going on in Mexico, unless where they get the cats has changed in the last couple of years. I thought killing cats for this reason was illegal in the U.S....?

Shapiro was able to answer you so quick because he just copied and pasted his reply that he probably has to use quite a bit. He bad-mouths PETA like crazy, and shows animal rights in a bad light to his impressionable students. I realize their faults, but also realize how much worse things would be for animals had there never been a PETA.

I don't know how someone can call themself "Dr. Cows", and not find anything wrong with the way cows are treated in factory farms. He has an Animal Science class that is very pro-factory farms (why would we mistreat them when we want them to produce for us?- crap like that). I had to walk out of many a movie he showed because I couldn't stomach it. Something he loves to say is he doesn't think anyone has rights if they don't have responsibilities. I argued that just because their responsibilities are different than ours doesn't mean they don't have them, using animal mothers as examples. His response was that rabbits eat their young (and humans kill their own too, I said). I could have argued with him all day, but chose not to.

I don't find him to be a friend of animals, though he believes he is.

Liz White is awesome though, and I think had something to do with why they don't have rodeos at Pierce anymore.

The animals on the Pierce Farm are sold to slaughter, which makes working with them completely depressing.

Check out this site:

It's a watchdog group formed because of the non-care the animals on the farm have received over the years.