Found Animal Friends Poop-Out

Gary Michelson promised to fund Found Animal Friends to the tune of $20,00,000. The it became $10 million.

The actual amount according to his 990 was $4 million.

Of that, $78,000 went to actual animal projects. Another $500,000 went to lawyers and office supplies.

What a poop-out.


Anonymous said...

He put $4,000,000 into the account but only spent $550,000 or so. As you said $500,000 went to expenses like travel, legal, accounting. Very little actually went to animal causes.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Michelson the same guy who introduced Villaraigosa to Boks? And we trust him to do anything beneficial for L.A.'s animals --why?

Anonymous said...

Less of a poop-out than a flim-flam