Cats Need a Larger Voice and More Protection-II

Can anyone doubt that cats have a lower status and less protection than dogs?

A post below shows Carolina Biological selling dissection kits containing 15 dead, skinned and embalmed cats for $431. That is $30 per cat. Can you imagine how much the company paid for each cat so with embalming, skinning and other preparation the price is $29?

It is unlikely they got them from shelters legally unless an ordinance permits it. Their claim that the cats would otherwise be buried in a landfill is not credible as euthanized cats are considered toxic waste and cannot be disposed that way.

Euthanized animals, at least in Southern California, are picked up by rendering companies after shelters like LAAS and LACCC pay them. The animals are boiled and otherwise processed and turned into various products.

It is possible that Carolina buys deceased cats from these rendering companies, but that too is unlikely due to contract restrictions by the disposing shelters.

Also, Carolina says the cats are never frozen, so they have to make it to Carolina in a short time where they are embalmed and skinned. That means the suppliers are close by or the cats are obtained elsewhere and deliberately killed for dissection purposes close to Carolina facilities.

In any event Carolina is lying about the source of their cats and they have refused multiple requests to reveal their true source by providing the names of their alleged shelter sources or contact names at those "shelters" for verification.

I requested the day before yesterday that Dr. Shapiro, head of the Pierce program, since Pierce has a business relationship with Carolina, to aid in finding this information from Carolina. So far I have heard nothing. Either he is in the process of finding this information, which I hope is the case, or he does not want to know as an act of deniable accountability. Since Dr. Shapiro teaches bioethics at Pierce, I he sees the need to be involved in this discovery process.

I would note that Carolina and one other cadaver supply company do not sell dog cadavers are all. They do not sell rabbit cadavers either. They do sell the cadavers of piglets, which are farm animals raised to be killed. Cats are not raised to be killed except in certain barbaric cultures.

Therefore, dogs are afforded more protection than cats, at least de fact, as well as legally. Dogs have to be licensed, registered, given rabies shots and leashed. None of this applies to cats.

Now do you see why I focus more on cats?

The cat kill rate at LAAS and LCACC is much higher than the dog kill rate. Actually, Winogard had almost a 100% save for cats in Ithaca, with a dog save rate of 93%.

Cats need more protection.

Cat Chop Anyone?

Dr. Shapiro at Pierce College. See all the photos under the dissection class.



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