Mayeda Anonymous Commenter?

The below comment was sent to me a yesterday regarding a post I put up about Mayeda in December:

”I have lived all over the US and abroad and have volunteered at as many municipal-run shelters as time would allow, logging 1000s of hours. Why is that the critics with the most venomous editorials are the ones that either have no experience running a large municipal shelter, or are involved in small "no kill" organizations that pick and choose animals? Unless any of you are able to service several cities and house and shelter 10,000 animals at any given time, than you have no idea and no educated opinion on what it takes to run an operation of the scale that counties and cities must facilitate. Instead of wasting everyone's time with lawsuits, protests and other activities that drain precious little resources that these shelters have, why don't you people help the cause and help the animals? Here's an idea; instead of being antagonizers and impeding progress, how about being part of the solution and actually help the animals instead of grandstanding trying to push your personal agendas to stroke your own ego.? Volunteer at a municipal-run shelter and help the animals, otherwise you are just ignorant and perpetuating the problem.”

I just received an email from Ryan Olshan who posts as

Olshan writes:

“Marcia Mayeda visits this blog and comments"

“The below comments were left on Marcia Mayeda quotes and Demand that Marcia Mayeda be fired and the LA County DA investigate.

“The IP address on both comments was the same IP address and that IP address traces to Chino, CA on Verizon Internet Services. Marcia lives out in Chino and I'm told her ISP is Verizon Internet Services. Put all the pieces together and what do you get? Marcia visiting this blog and leaving anonymous comments.”

Mayeda—according to Olshan:

“Let me start my comment with a question: How many of those who have commented here have actually managed a large, municiple-run animal shelter that services surrounding cities and houses/provides medical care for 1000s of animals at any given moment? If you haven't then your comments are based on ignorance and have no idea what is involved in operating a county or city shelter. Here's a suggestion; instead of wasting everyones time and limited county and city resources with lawsuits, protests and vile commentary, how about people here volunteer at these shelters and actually help the animals? Unless you are actively participating in helping these animals, you are just as much to blame for their demise and the problems you cite. Volunteer to educate the public about responsible pet ownership, volunteer at fundraisers, volunteer to help the staff with shelter operations. If you are not voluteering to help the animals then you are just as much of the problem that you are complaining about.”

How is this going to help the animals? From what I've read and observed, Marcia has the animal care and welfare experience to make a positive difference for the animals. The alternative would be another bureaucrat who does not care about the animals. I've lived all over the US and abroad, and logged 1000s of volunteer hours at county and city shelters wherever I've lived. My perspective is if you are not volunteering to help the animals and promoting responsible pet ownership, then you are just part of the problem. County and city animal control agencies have responsibilities and red-tape to overcome that you cannot fathom. Unless you have direct experience managing a shelter or animal control department of this scale, then your comments are just part of the problem and not part of a solution. How about supporting your local animal control departments and volunteer to make a positive difference instead of making things more difficult for these agencies. (Whittier, CA)

Clue; often people leave comments with poor grammar and spelling to throw others off the trail. Notice that almost identical posts are left as comments on Ryan and my own “venomous” posts.

One point is that volunteers are not given much opportunity to help. They are fired, blamed for failures, denied entrance, and given a Bronx cheer by staff. It is easy to hide behind excuses such as you have no idea how difficult my job is unless you stand in my shoes.

But Marcia, you have been standing in your shoes for seven years and your kill statistics are still the worst, or nearly the worst in the country.

We bloggers and activists you feel are hounding you have maybe 100 to 200 active members and a few thousand voting supporters.
Do you think we 200 could bring your cat kill figure down from 77% to an acceptable 10%? (Maybe they will do a movie about us called "The 200.")

As Ryan writes over and over, your shelter workers are flagrantly rude, cruel and unfeeling towards the animals, you apparently have no control over your command, and County officials back you because that is what governments do until you become too much of a legal liability or embarrassment.

Shit, maybe if Ryan and I came out and helped you and Boks, we'd have everything cleared up in a day. We'd whip your 650 employees into line in a week or two, and get your kill rate for cats down to 60% or so. Then one of the Supervisors would give you an award for being the number one shelter manager in the country, and Villaraigosa and they can have a face off.

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Anonymous said...

It also kind of begs the question of whether Marcia Mayeda really believes any of her spew or not.

Does Marcia Mayeda actually believe that the people who take the time and trouble to find out exactly who she is and exactly what is going on at LACDACC would not also be taking at least as much time to get in the trenches and help animals?

Either she thinks we don't, and that helping animals is as much a game of words with us as it is with her (only significantly less well-paid for us). Or, what's more likely, all she's trying to do is throw some doubt into the mix; create the impression that people who criticize her are dilettantes, or that there are two sides of the story when it comes to Marcia Mayeda and how she does what we laughingly call her "job."

There are not. There are lies and there is the truth. There are workers who drag dogs on the ground, who get high on taxpayer time, who ignore clear signs of sickness and distress in animals they are paid to care for. There are workers who take pleasure in killing, and workers who deliberately ruin dogs' chances to get adopted by playing games with their website pictures, their one shot at finding a home.

And there is Marcia Mayeda, a barely competent liar and completely incompetent administrator. A woman who has been paid a six-figure County salary for seven years, who can't even get her story straight, who lies every chance she gets, who blames offsite volunteers for the death of a dog who never left LACDACC custody, who allowed the abuses of a monster like Ivan Callais to go on for months while her staff did NOTHING to protect hundreds of defenseless animals from his abuse.

You know he finally got arrested on May 20th? At his place of work. The guy horrifically abused and neglected hundreds of animals for months and they only just caught up with him -- going about his daily life, not on the lam, punching the time clock -- MONTHS after the seizure of these animals at his ranch. That's some great enforcement Marcia.

Marcia, you'd better give it up. Your cover is blown. I was never an activist. I've never even touched a picket sign. But I'm a taxpayer and I love animals and I know who you are, I know what you do. I know that you are so monumentally incompetent that you can't even, after SEVEN YEARS, arrange for adequate laundry equipment at County animal care facilities. I wouldn't trust you with fifty cents, much less a multi-million dollar County agency.

And Marcia? Most people don't use the word "municipal." Those who do are likely to know how to spell it. You can't even lie competently. Time for you to pack it in and take your useless, lying ass home.