Harbor Shelter Moved On Monday

The Harbor shelter moved this past Monday and the Grand Opening will be on June 21. Time unknown yet. I think it will be kept secret and only Councilmen, the Mayor, the press, employees and a fee volunteers will be invited. Protesters will be kept 5,000 feet away.

I tried to call the shelter for the new address, but my call was dropped after 6 minutes of holding.

If any of you have more patience than I and can make multiple calls waiting for one that is not dropped or before your phone's battery goes dead, and then you actually talk to someone, get the address and opening info and send it as a comment. Please!

Rumor has it that the new GM was hired weeks ago but has not started yet. Anyone know who it is and her background? I hear Boks was required to hire from within the City--or at least that was what he was complaining about two months ago.


Anonymous said...

Last I heard the new address is at 957 N. Gaffey Street in San Pedro. Animals were scheduled to be moved last week.


Anonymous said...

Here's an invite to the grand opening. I assume mayor, councilmember Hahn and others will be there before 11. Public is allowed in 11-5. Last time mayor showed at 10.


Anonymous said...

Of course Boks was complaining about having to hire from within the city.

Look what crappy employees the City hires:

Ed Boks
Jim Bickhart
Jimmy Blackman
Troy Boswell
Rocky Delgadillo (and family)
Ben Lovato
Antonio Villaraigosa

Boks is right, we really should be able to get better people than that...