Untrained Vets, Unnecessary Killing

I get a LOT of anonymous comments calling me an idiot. I must get anywhere from 3-4 a day and some days twice that many. They come from different URL's and I cannot identify whose computers they come from. But there are many more than one person. Maybe I'll invest in the tracking software so I can identify the source of these anonymous comments.

I agree that I am an idiot, but they who send these chicken-shit comments have not read what I said.

The latest and largest set of complaints sent, maybe 15-20 or so, seem to think I am attacking vet training. These are the true idiots who have nor read what I said.

What I am attacking is the unnecessary or even illegal taking of lives.

It is obvious Carolina and the other sellers of cat cadavers are not obtaining the cats legally, or are getting them from Mexico where they are taken off the street, or homeless and feral cats from our streets here, or cats raised for the purpose of selling them for research.

When Carolina lies and says they obtained the deceased cats from public shelters that had already been killed for lack of space, and they would have been buried in a landfill otherwise, they are simply lying. They refuse to supply the names of shelters from which they allegedly get the cadavers.

And, if they get cat cadavers from the shelters, they can as easily get dog and rabbit cadavers. Apparently they don't because they do not sell them. Therefore there is a cat trade but not a dog trade. Pit bulls are killed by the thousands; healthy pit bulls.

This means the cats were not dead animals obtained from shelters, which means these were living beings unlawfully or immorally captured and killed for resale. This is both immoral and illegal.

And, if the cats are not killed at the shelters, how are they killed? Using Euthanol might cause problems of toxicity for the dissectors. Therefore, the cats may be killed by low pressure chambers, carbon dioxide or purely by smothering.

If the negative commenters do not see this they are truly blind, mentally or morally, or maybe the profiters of this illegal trade.

I also point out there are other forms of training for anatomy that does not kill animals. How many vet techs are going to be surgeons and need to actually dissect an animal? I know many vets who refuse to do surgery or dissect any animal. They only want to be internists. Also, the Pierce kids can refuse to dissect the animals and yet they graduate. Dissection is considered optional.

Therefore I question and challenge unnecessary killing, whether in shelters, or illegally or immorally.

Besides that I am appalled by the killing of animals for food. Call me an idiot for that, and I call you blind.

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Anonymous said...

"And, if the cats are not killed at the shelters, how are they killed? Using Euthanol might cause problems of toxicity for the dissectors. Therefore, the cats may be killed by low pressure chambers, carbon dioxide or purely by smothering."

Good argument, Dr. Muzika.

Too bad if the dissectors get toxicity from dissecting a euthanized animal. I really doubt that you can get toxicity, but too bad if you do.

You mention that vet students can still graduate without dissecting an animal..perhaps do thesimilar work by way of virtual reality videos.

I really hope that is the case this day in age because when I was required to take an anatomy class at the Los Angeles City College all the students in the class had to skin a cat.

I remember being so mortified that I had to do this and nearly fainted when the teacher brought the frozen cat out and showed us how to take the skin off.

It was a living nightmare. I left the class and cried out in the hall and was told that if I wanted to stay in the class I had to skin the cat because we had to learn how to identify all the nerves and muscles and prepare for the final exam.

Indeed by the time the final exam came around there was a frozen, skinned cat lying on each table. The students went around each cat to identify the muscles and nerves that had little flags pinned on them.

My kitten had escaped the house at that time and I searched for that cat inside the freezer drawers before all the skin was torn off of the cats.

We absolutely had to skin a cat to do this heinous, simple identification that COULD HAD BEEN DONE BY ANY OTHER MEANS than tearing those poor animals apart.

At that time, the animals died by asphyxiation in the gas compression chambers because my physiology profressor was giving a lecture on respiration; how O2 travels through blood cells and through the lungs, etc.

Then the professor told us how Carbon Monoxide stops the breathing and what a horrible death it is for animals and how they thrash around when the Carbon Monoxide blocks respiration and Oxygen from traveling through the blood stream so that the animals die by asphyxia.

I didn't get it then when we were forced in the following class to cut up the dead cats that were laying on the table. I didn't put two and two together and say, "hey these cats died by torture."

No Euthanasia, no euthonol, no sodium pentobarbitol, NO HUMANE end-of-life for unwanted, dumped, abused, and unwanted animals.

They had to suffer to the death, and we had to cut them up afterward just so that we could pass the shit class so that we could leave the damn school with a worthless AA degree and go on to the nursing program.

I was told point blank at that time that I would not only NOT pass the class if I didn't go through the same procedures everyone else was required to undergo, by cutting up the poor animals, but I would never be admitted into the nursing program without taking an anatomy (and physiology course).

Then in Physiology we had to pour drops of epinephrine into a poor dissected, LIVING frogs' heart so that we could watch the heart pump.

Now, I ask you, what need was there for such inhumane torture, and sacriligious disregard for the dead following such horrific death?

I cry and cry now just remembering.

I never even got through nursing school because I gave all my attention to one patient and absolutely could not take on a second patient and give him half-assed attention with the time and patience each patient required.

The skin of the elderly in the nursing homes were hanging by a thread and their poor little backs and arms, buttocks and legs were infected with green mucous discharge from not being turned every two hours they way they should have been turned because these elderly people were too weak and frail to turn on their own.

All that dissection and tearing up a cat, and for what? It all came to nothing.

Thousands upon thousands of cats went through those torture chambers, as did dogs, and bunny rabbits, and everyone else....and the poor defenseless cats ended up torn to shreds at the hands of students who felt forced to tear them apart or they wouldn't graduate.

We could have done the same work with a friggen model for that LOWER DIVISION class if all we were doing was identifiying a few nerves and muscles. All that for what?!

More torture for an animal who already suffered enough while he was alive; then tortured to death as he thrashed around int the cell unable to breathe, and then torn literally to pieces after the death?

I also just wonder if the Carolina lady isn't telling you which shelters she is getting the animals from because she doesn't want to expose them to any harm?

Just a thought.

How many students aren't getting thorough vet school or going into the nursing program because they refuse to dissect an animal? And how many aren't graduating anyway after they went through the psychological torture of doing so?

All for nothing, and the poor animal laying there defenseless.

I did hear that Pierce was getting their ferals from Mexico.

Heard that at Pierce in the Agricultural department when I was there going through an Elder Care Seminar...the cats were in cages and two beagles in the back with no food or water in the kennels...crying and yelping away for the entire time the class was being held down the hall.