Letter From LAAS Employees to Council

Quote from the letter from LAAS employees to Council urging them to fire Boks.

"We, the undersigned employees of LA Animal services and its customers and other concerned individuals, have no confidence in the leadership provided by the department’s current management team of Ed Boks and Linda Barth.

We feel that, in order to halt the deterioration of the department and improve the ability of its employees to serve the City and its interests, they should be immediately relieved of their responsibilities and their positions of authority in LA Animal Services."


Anonymous said...

Good. Now let's ask them who exactly could be hired that would motivate them to do their jobs correctly and conscientiously.

I want Ed Boks gone too, but Boks is not the only thing that's wrong with LAAS, just as LAAS is not the only thing that's wrong with how this City deals with animals.

First off, we need a Mayor who actually gives a slight damn if animals live or die. If you don't care about animals how are you ever going to find a GM for LAAS who cares about reducing killing and increasing adoptions and spay/neuters? You wouldn't even know what questions to ask. It's like asking someone who doesn't speak English to hire a good English professor.

Ed Muzika said...

Reputation and experience.

Marcia Mayeda is highly regarded by the superviors and has 7 year of experience running a large shelter system.

I think this is how Villaraigosa could pick a successor, as he appears to radically not care about animals or public pressure.

However, I do expect Jim Bickhart to be more careful and discriminating this time before recommending a replacement.

I suggest having someone like Carl Friedman, who dislikes both Boks and Winogard, to be part of the search committee.

Carl is a great advocate that you not get someone with vast shelter experience because you are simply recycling shelter directors.

However, I have no competence in management, communication or shelter experience, therefore I would fit the bill to be GM according to Villaraigosa if I kissed his bum.

Anonymous said...

"Marcia Mayeda is highly regarded by the superviors and has 7 years of experience running a large shelter system."

Ed, you just made me want to throw up.

That whole premise is so disgusting and discouraging -- the thought of a screening process that would let another Mayeda in. But that's why it's a process that needs someone who understands that killing animals is a bad thing.

Right now we have these soulless functionaries who just think of it in terms of numbers in columns. The rescue community doesn't see animals as numbers.

If they can't reconcile that simple fact then all we're ever going to see is a succession of Bokses and Mayedas, and we will fight each and every one.

Anonymous said...

butcher boks is hanging by a thread hes vulnerable hit hard everybody hit him with everything we have now now everyone call every city office and hit boks with everything we have hes on the way out its over