Ed, Please Allow Pet Press to be a Forum for Discussing Animal Services Issues

At considerable risk to Pet Press, Lori Golden has raised several questions the general animal community has already raised about Animal Services.

If Mr. Boks is willing, I hope he chooses a give and take in that forum.

I am so intrigued by the idea, I am asking Ed him now to have a series of real town hall meetings to discuss the real issues and problems with and inside AS as opposed to telling us how great you are doing. Perhaps you can have Lori host it instead of LAAS staff, or staff if you feel you need the protection. Just be real. Make real talk. Don't tell us, like you told me, that there would be 10 or 20,000 Speuters per shelter.

We'll make sure hecklers are kept 50 ft away and you get a chance to talk. We'll make sure you don't have to discuss your love life for the past 20 years or the name of the church you pastored at. We will make sure only questions appropriate to addressing AS goals will be allowed.

I really would though, like you to explain the anomaly of the huge drop in neonatals last year.

Bring Jim in.

You have always kept information close to your vest. Even your initial meet and greets went no where real. The town Hall meeting you held was close to what we wanted and you comported yourself well.

I would be more open to you if you were more open with us. Instead, yours is a top down management, but purportedly without a head, but with numerous PR releases.

I really can understand your reluctance because there would be a lot of tough questioning. Bring staff to address issues. Bring Linda and Steve Feldman. Talk about the budget cuts and what was cut. Talk about the new AGM. Talk about where the problem areas are. Tell us about the many improvements that have been going on in terms of medical services. Talk about cutting the food budget by 10%. Talk about how we can volunteer, but be specific, what do you need and where? How much food do you need? What kind? How to get it to you without a million miles of red tape?

Don't ask us to do PR for you. If you do a good job I will do PR for you as before as an unpaid punching bag.

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Anonymous said...

Now there's an offer Boks can refuse.