Will Bernstein Kill Balkeley's Dogs As Ed Did Mason's Cats?

This appeal just came out about Blakeley's dogs:

The situation is still that all the dogs that belonged to Ms. Blakely will be released this Monday June 9th, and SPCA-LA will kill them. It looks like there is some incorrect information going around but here is the reality:

Please make arrangements now, before June 9th, with SPCA-LA to rescue the dogs on June 9th. Don't wait, please, or the dogs will die.

Ms. Blakely was raided by SPCA-LA over 1 year ago, and all 17 of her rescued dogs were seized. The dogs will be released officially by the court to SPCA-LA on June 9th. Once they are released, SPCA-LA will have no further use for them, so the dogs will all be killed IMMEDIATELY. These dogs need rescuers or adopters lined up ASAP, to save the dogs on June 9th. Please act NOW, before it's too late.

And on June 9th, go and adopt the dogs. They are closed on Monday and Tuesday, maybe you can still adopt on those days at that facility. If not, go to the administrative office, which is open on weekdays, demand to adopt the dogs. If the SPCA-LA does not let you adopt the dogs, tell them they must give you the dogs by law if you are a 501(c)(3) California corporation. Some of the dogs may be in foster but they must give you those dogs too. Otherwise the dogs will die.

SPCA-LA has traditionally always killed the animals they seize, the very day they impound them. SPCA-LA says that Ms. Blakely's dogs are still alive, but if so, her dogs will all be killed now.

These are very adoptable dogs though SPCA-LA may tell you otherwise, and they may try to discourage or prevent people from rescuing them, or even seeing them. Please don't let them stop you from rescuing the dogs, it is the dogs' only chance to get out alive, and you must act quickly or the dogs will be killed before you can save them.

Do NOT believe SPCA-LA if they tell you they will adopt out the dogs, it is nothing but a PR gimmick, the dogs WILL BE KILLED if they are not rescued from SPCA-LA, and FAST.

It will be very interesting to see how Bernstein handles this situation and whether she just kills the dogs. It will be VERY interesting to see what she and the the SPCALA does.

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