Merritt Responds to Previous Comments

Reader comment about Merritt Clifton:

I used to respect the guy a little but that was some crazy email. He jumps from one odd job to the next.

Merritt responds:

Actually, I have had the same primary employer since 1986, and worked for the four newspapers that were my primary employers before that for more than 10 years each, concurrently.

(As they were small & rural, with contiguous circulation radiuses, they shared one full-time environmental beat reporter.)
Reader comment about Merritt:

That doesn't make him an expert in animal statistics


No, but my work of the past 30 years does.

Before that, I developed an evaluative approach to baseball statistics that helped to inspire the "sabrmetric revolution,"
results of which appear on every sports page.

You'll find a bit about it in The Hidden Game of Baseball, Palmer & Thorn, 1984, & in the Total Baseball encyclopedia. The guys who followed through with it got rich. I'd already moved on to quantifying animal issues.

Email #2 from Merritt:

Reader comment about Merrit:

Experts usually more than happy to show you why it is that they're an expert.

Merritt responds:

It's all in print.

I'm also an expert at identifying ignoramuses.
Talk to Merritt. I am sure he would like to listen to your ideas or comments as much as he did mine.

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Anonymous said...

Merritt is being very childish, as childish as Boks.

Anonymous said...

"as childish as Boks."

That's EXACTLY what I was just thinking - this Clifton guy is another Ed Boks, a self-proclaimed "expert" in what anybody would consider a very time-consuming field, with apparently ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD on his hands to troll the internet and vigorously defend himself from people he himself characterizes as "ignoramuses."

Man, I knew animal rescue attracted more than its fair share of crazies and charlatans, but until Marcia Mayeda, Ed Boks, and now Merritt Clifton, I didn't know that the crazier a charlatan you are the more money you make at it.