I Am a Cat Person

All the time I get flooded with email from dog rescuers. It seems the only email I get with regard to animals is from dog people. I posted the Zephyr story, but you know I was much more interested in the Mason case and now the Madow because they are cat people.

Therefore, do not expect me to post dog events or need for rescues of dogs, or demonstrations mostly of dog people.

There are so many of you ought there that the kitties of the world new I voice and I am one of them.


Anonymous said...

I've never understood the need to make a distinction. The differences between dogs and cats are minimal, and I love and have both.

Kind of depressing, Ed, to see you make such a point of your lack of interest in dogs. They both need our help, and I fight for both (and birds, and rabbits -- even though I don't know any personally).

Can't we focus our hostility on the people who are hurting the animals -- and not each other? If for no other reason than stuff like that brings gladness into the stony, granite wads that pass for the hearts of Boks and Mayeda?

Ed Muzika said...

What nakes you think I have no interest in dogs? Where on earth did you get that?

The point I was making was there are so many voices for dogs and so few for cats. If I were to post all the dog rescue requests I get, that would be half of everything I post.

Even the County protesters are mostly about dogs. Cats need a voice and I am that.

Anonymous said...

It's true. More people seem to care about dogs over cats. I get dog pleas out the wazoo, but only ever so often a cat or bunny plea. I think maybe it's because dogs eyes are more similar to humans than cats. Maybe people empathize more with dogs. I love them both, and bunnies.

Anonymous said...

If you chose to become a voice for cats, then make sure you know what is best for them. Being outside is not one of those best things. I know that you support TNR and that is very bothersome for me. The previous poster stated that they never understood the need to make a distinction, considering that dogs are licensed and are required to be on leashes just shows the discrimination between the two. We have made laws to keep dogs "safe" yet we have none to keep cats safe. Dogs are required to have a vaccination to prevent rabies but cats aren't included yet they are the very ones who risk the most exposure to rabies. Canine rabies is almost non existent now yet feline rabies is on the rise. Cats are facing an epidemic of FIV, etc. yet nothing is being done to prevent this. If you make yourself their voice then make sure it is for the right things rather than things that just keep them "alive". Fight for a better quality of life, not a quantity of suffering. Now after reading the story of the man who tortured stray cats in his neighborhood, I want to hear how the "feral" cats need the opportunity to live, yea, live in fear of all those people such as this guy. Decide whether you approve of torture and suffering for the ferals or whether to change things to prevent feral cats from ever hitting the streets. Watching the numbers of cats going into the shelter now, it is easy to see that people are becoming less responsible about cats. Having groups out there that will "take care" of them only lends itself to more cat dumping, relieve the guilt from the "owner". I just hope you will voice yourself in a manner that will help the cats not just to support letting the cats run wild and continue to live miserable lives at the mercy of cruel people, cars, dogs, disease, etc.

Anonymous said...

"What nakes you think I have no interest in dogs? Where on earth did you get that?"

"I Am a Cat Person

All the time I get flooded with email from dog rescuers. It seems the only email I get with regard to animals is from dog people. I posted the Zephyr story, but you know I was much more interested in the Mason case and now the Madow because they are cat people.

Therefore, do not expect me to post dog events or need for rescues of dogs, or demonstrations mostly of dog people."

There are ways and ways of saying things and you chose the way that was confrontational. You could just have easily said there seems to be a disparity in the amount of attention that cats get versus dogs and I want to emphasize that cats suffer as much or more than dogs do under the current LAAS administration.

But intead there was a definite "F*** Off" vibe to people who send you info about dogs.

I'm sorry to say this, but you don't like us, Ed. You don't see even daily, supportive readers as part of your team. It comes out time and time again. And I know you get crazies, but you lash out at the non-crazies too.

I don't even care if you publish this. I'm just saying I'm a daily reader but - you don't like us.

Ed Muzika said...

Man, how people read things into what I say. I feel like a presidential candidate; someone will be offended no matter what you say.

It is like saying I am a Democrat and someone writing why don't you care for Republicand as well?

One cannot have preferences? Is that something thta offends you?

I feel all the time upset that there appears to be so much more caring in the rescue world for cats vs. dogs.

A MUCH higher perecntage and raw numbers of cats are killed in almost all shelters across the country. Why are cats segregated against?

Also it is like Blacks vs. Hispanics. I may just post stories about offences against one or the other and state I am most a voice for one or the other because I feel they are worse treated and others can write about the other side.

Forgive me for having preferences.

Ed Muzika said...

Knowing what is best for them is a value judgment, based on your criteria for what is best. Someone else might choose a different set of "What is best for them," of what is realistically the best that can be done given the way the world it.

I never let my cats out of the house except into a huge enclosed fenced in area of about 700 sq ft that I put a roof on.

It has two "dog" houses, one of which has heating for the winter.

They are not allowed outside if the heat gets above 102 or so. They seem to tolerate that o.k. They do not go out if it appears too hot ot cold. They just refuse to go out.

Each has an individual diet suited to any medical needs they have.

Since Gopi and Gracie died I have only one cat and may never get more again. Gopi's death was too much.

In addition I spent almost $8,000 dollares on medical care over 14 months.

I know how to take care of cats.

But do you think if I posted the same blaming, exhorting, demanding, cajoling posts over and over that anyone would look at this site?

If I attack all colony managers for not taking all inside, do you think that would do anyone any good? Would any manager be convinced I am right?

Can I force a neighbor down the street not to let their cats out? I can offer to help them build an enclosed area like I have, but browbeating will not help.

Everyone can onlu do what is within their control to do to help animes.


I do notice since I began to rag on Boks about cat killing, cat killing has decreased and cat adoptions have increased.

Give me a break.

I am especially peeved by those who tell me how I could have phrased something so I didn't offend someone somewhere.

This is doggy political correctness, and just as wrong as polical or racial correctness, or Obama saying many people are bitted and cling to God and guns which got him into a lot of PC trouble.

Give us all a break from judgmentalism.

Anonymous said...

Cats are now the biggest problem at the shelters and they are being euthanized in higher numbers than dogs. An emphasis should be put on the subject of cats. However, that typically translates in support for TNR rather than making cat "owners" more responsible for their pets through licensing, leash laws, etc., just like for dogs. Look at the rates for returning to owner for cats in the shelters and ask why it is so much less than for dogs. People don't feel a responsibility for their cats in the same fashion than they feel for the dogs. Thus, they just turn them loose for the "crazy cat people" (TNR) to take care of them, no guilt there. Can't do that quite as easily with dogs because there are no groups that feed and take care of wild dog packs. Just subjecting cats to licensing for rabies would help the cats because it could be the only times the cats even see a vet. Since they are at the vets then maybe they might get other vaccinations which can only lend itself to a better quality of life. Leash laws can keep cats off the streets where they face a myrid of dangers. Would these be things that you are thinking of becoming a voice for?

Ed Muzika said...


I think leash laws very important, but if you aply it to ferals and colonies it will not work.

A colony managers is probably beyond his/her resources already.

In Rome the city provides vet and shot visits to the colonies and makes it a crime to hurt, trap or otherwsie harrass the cats.

No kill and low kill shelters abound.

Remember, about 5% of all housed cats become homeless per year. Those who are not fixed procreate.

Even when you can fix responsibility, the choice must be made what to do about the cats.

There are no simple answers.

But, you see far feral and even formerly homed dogs than cats. There must be ways to achieve equity.

Anonymous said...

We've been checking on the cats too Ed. And of course, you're always welcome to come and help provide a stronger voice for cats =)

~~ one of the protesters ~~

Anonymous said...

I know Ed. I never understood why ADLLA's signs say "puppy killer" when puppies are probably the smallest group of killed animals (I'm talking puppies 3 months or younger). On the other hand, little cute sweet baby kittens are killed like it's going out of style!

There's definitely a prejudice towards cats. They don't get nearly the amount of love dogs get (as a general in society, not necessarily in their individual homes).

Anonymous said...

I forgot that if you own the pulpit you get to always be right.

I wasn't rude to you Ed. I just said you took a divisive stance when you could have been more inclusive and maybe welcoming. For that I get accused of "doggy political correctness" which is not true. I have more cats than I do dogs, I love cats. THAT'S the distinction I never saw the point of -- being a "cat person" VERSUS a "dog person."

You're not the only one whose nerves are frayed, you're not the only one who feels sorrow for what's going on here.

I didn't attack you, I tried to make a point about uniting rather than factionalizing. But again, if I make a point you don't like, I get attacked. I wonder if you ever ask yourself if maybe someone who disagrees with you, however mildly, may have a point. I've certainly never seen you say you were sorry, or out of line. But it doesn't matter. I was hoping that a goal here was to form a community. But it seems that what it is is Ed's way or the highway, even for people who considered themselves supporters.

Ed Muzika said...

You didn't attack me but I attacked you?

You feel attacked by me all the time?

I discount your viewpoint?

I should have stated things differentlky and been more inclusive?

I hear you saying I should be like you in my expressions otherwise I am attacking you.

Do you feel attacked every time someone expresses ideas and opinions different from yours?

Like I said over and over and over and over, dogs have so many voices. I get appeal after appeal to help some dogs---all the time--but so few to help or rescue cats. I want to be a voice especially by not exclusively for them.

Do you think I am going after LAAS and County just to protect cats?

Now, why should you be offended? Since you are anonymous there is no dialogue because you are not a person. You are an argumentative shadow.

If you were an idfentifed person dialogue may be different. You fail to do this an hide behind anonymity.

I am sure you will feel offended by this remark. I think yoiu must feel offended much of the time.

Be a person and step out from behind the shadows so you can be respecte dor rejected as a person.

Look at other comment son this post. They too recognize cats get a worse deal than dogs.

I am stating the obvious yet you take it as an attack and now take me expressing this opinion--I am sure-- as an attack.

Anonymous said...

Did you have a professional handyman build your cat fence or did you build it yourself?

How much did it cost to build and how long did it take?

Does it look nice?

Can you put up pictures of your yard showing the fence with the dog house with the heating for the winter?

How did you get heating into the dog houses?

How much did that cost?

Who did it for you? Can you provide recomendations, please?

Would love to see pic's of the fenced-in yard with the roof. Sounds magnificent.