Boks Cuts Food for Animals 20%

When Boks was in NYC, I saw an order signed by him ordering personnel to feed dry food only until it was determined the animal would not be immediately euthanized.

Keeping in the same vein, Boks' new budget proposes a 20% cut in food for the animals, from $529,000 to $429,000.

See the entire animal services budget as well as its performance over the past 6 years at:

Why on earth is he cutting the food budget? There is an almost $20 million budget and he cuts food by 20%?

On page 34, you will notice that food is the only expense item cut, while the "operating supplies" budget was more than tripled, from $138,000 to $453,000!

This is absurd. Will employees start buying food for the animals--I hope--to compensate?

Maybe we should all bring food to the shelters.

It is amazing that they'd cut the food budget when animal food costs have so dramatically increased during the past year and a half.


Fewer pencils, more food!


Anonymous said...

Because everyone is looking for ways to cut costs these days, I suspect this $100K cut in the food budget will result in pleas from LAAS for larger food donations from pet food mgf's.

Brad Jensen
Cypress, CA

Ed Muzika said...

I hope so.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that's certainly a gamble worth taking: "Let's cut the food budget and HOPE we can arm-twist Pedigree into making up the difference." Let's go all-out and also hope that if Pedigree does step up it doesn't come out of their support for private shelters, a risk I'm sure Ed Boks is willing to take.

But what would we expect from a degenerate sociopath who has a history of nickel and diming the very dogs and cats he was hired to care for? His NYC policy to "feed dry food only until it was determined the animal would not be immediately euthanized." is so vile it's past endurance.

If I'm a human and I rape and kill someone and get sentenced to death I can have any damn thing I want before I get the needle. But if I'm a dog or cat who did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG except make the mistake of getting caught up in the wheels of humankind (ha!) let's not waste a SINGLE PENNY on wet food for me before killing me. Particularly if that penny could go towards the "Ed Boks Municipal Liability Civil Misconduct and Sexual Harassment Legal Defense Fund."

Ed Boks should rot in hell, hopefully soon.

Anonymous said...

Boks gave $20,000 to an exgirlfriend to write a report which she never even finished and the Department never used. Now they say they will tighten their belt by giving the animals less food. How about cutting the fat out of the budget instead of the meat.