ALF Torches UCLA Vivisectionist Van

UCLA recently got a restraining order against activist groups. The upping of the ante seems to be a consequence. The following is from the ALF Press Office:
UCLA Van Goes Up In Flames Animal Liberation Front Claims Action on Behalf of Tortured Primates in UCLA Labs
Irvine: In an anonymous communiqué received today by the North American Animal Liberation Press Office, the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) claims to have set a flame a UCLA van as part of their campaign to force the university to stop torturing non-human primates in their laboratories.

The communiqué reads, in part:At the start of last week, in Irvine, CA, a van owned by UCLA went up in flames. For all of those affected you have the UCLA primate vivisection program to blame. It is unacceptable for us to see, hear, and know what is going on in our animal labs without taking action. We are driven to show the world the compassionless support that UCLA gives to these monkey killers and to do anything we can to end the needless suffering that the primates are forced to face. The end of UCLA vivisection is coming. We urge you to start switching over to non-animal protocol without haste. -LA ALF
(To read the entire communiqué, visit
A long-running campaign to stop the medically useless research on non-human primates at UCLA has seen peaceful and mainstream efforts such as leafleting, petitions, meeting with UCLA administration and even home demonstrations fail, as more animals die at larger expense to the public every year.
It is widely known researchers such as Edythe London, who addicts primates to nicotine and methamphetamines, continue to perform the same outmoded research for decades on end to ensure continued university funding and thus secure their academic success.
Clinical physicians seldom even bother to read such studies, which waste funds that could be used to treat patients or perform research likely to lead to cures for human ailments.

UCLA recently obtained a restraining order against a number of above-ground animal rights activists, as well as the ALF. Being a clandestine organization, the ALF is unlikely to either know or care about the restraining order. Inadvertently, in their attempts to crack down on legal, if vocal, demonstrators, the university has merely shifted the burden of activism to the underground groups such as the ALF.

Jerry W. Vlasak, MD, a press officer for the North American Animal Liberation Press Office, states "It is indeed unfortunate that UCLA has been unwilling to listen to more reasonable approaches to ending the atrocities in their laboratories. Primate research will end, and if UCLA could end their own addiction to easy grant money for this fraudulent research, they could instead lead the scientific community in the legitimate pursuit of medical cures using methods of research shown to be more effective than the use of non-human animals."


Anonymous said...

You terrorists have set animal welfare back years. Thanks, animal rights whack-os! Sheesh.

Ed Muzika said...


How's that?

Now I am a terrorist?

Thank you. I didn't know writing about "terrorist acts" was terrorism.

And, whose terror are you talking about? The poor experimentor or the animals being experimented upon?

May I ask what you, Anonymous, have done for animal welfare?

Have you supported an animal friendly politician? Have you donated more than a few dollars to an animal "welfare" organization? Have you written letters supporting or attacking legislation? Have you picketed?

What have you done and how effective has it been?

Most importantly, how is it that I have become a "terrorist" by writing about terrorist acts?

Does a Times or Daily News reporter become a terrorist because they report the UCLA van burning?

I see you are happily free of logic.

Anonymous said...

I'm getting tired of seeing the way people are constantly using the word "terrorist" to try to end the discussion.

First, burning a van isn't terrorism. It's vandalism, it's certainly arson, but it ain't terrorism.

Second -- it's a van. I've never set fire to anything in my life, I'm so white-bread I make myself sleepy, yet I know enough to realize that one life is more important than one van. And it's a lot more than one life that's at stake here.

As has been said many times on this site, when all other avenues of communication are cut off, what options are left?

UCLA, and the rest of the crew of hacks worldwide who are too lazy to think of an honest way to make a buck, and too morally bankrupt to grasp that animals deserve to have pain- and terror-free lives; that animals are not simply lab supplies to be ordered in bulk, tortured and tossed out -- these same people refuse to listen to people who beg for compassion for these animals, and cut off every legitimate means of protest, just so they can continue to make a fat living killing animals in lab experiments. Do they actually think that people who are trying to save lives, who are genuinely motivated to work for the welfare of others, are just going to give up and go home, "Oh gosh, they just won't listen to us -- guess we'd better forget about the monkeys, and the rabbits, and the dogs, and the rats etc. and go on home..."

And before anybody tries all the old, BS arguments about how I clearly hate humans, and "what if my baby had diabetes?" ad nauseum, let's just be clear on what Edythe London is studying.

She's studying nicotine addiction. She's quoted as saying (2-second Google search), in defense of her use of monkeys, "“To me, nothing could be more important than solving the mysteries of addiction.."

I don't know how to tell you this but getting monkeys hooked on nicotine does not solve the mystery. Science has known for 50 years or more that cigarettes kill you. The mystery is not in the cigarette, the mystery is why so many millions of people are so stupid as to start, and continue, to smoke. Monkeys cannot solve this for you, monkeys are smart enough to stay away from things that will kill them. Except Edythe London. She'll kill them and they CAN'T get away from her.

So, people who defend heartless creeps like Edythe London (and the big corporations that offer her fat grants to kill animals in the name of "research") , stop thinking you have any moral high ground to take. Anyone who thinks a van is more important than the life of a living, sentient being has forever ceded any claim to discuss morality.